The Aastha project started in 2005. This is a three year project funded by the Department of Health and will be counselling Asian clients who suffer from anxiety, depression or may be self harming and suicidal.

The Post Natal Depression group is a three year (2004-2007) project funded by Ealing Primary Care Trust. (Detailed info already provided)

AFCS is in the process of establishing a supervised contact centre for children of divorced or separated parents. Referrals will be through the statutory agencies, courts, solicitors, and welfare offices. A fee would be payable for this service which will initially be available in London.

Currently, AFCS is running the Roshni project which is funded by the Big Lottery through its New Opportunities Fund. It is part of the Southall Healthy Living Initiative and counsels Asian women either living or working in the Southall area.

Past AFCS projects include two initiatives which were funded by the Department of Health between 1996 and 2002.

The first project, Nai Umeed , counselled Asian women who had attempted suicide or were suicidal.

The second project, Naya Raasta , counselled Asian people who were depressed and on anti depressants.

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