Cross Cultural Counselling Course - TWO DAYS
For non-Asian professionals who wish to have greater understanding of the Asians settled in Britain. This course is specially devised for professionals in the Health Services, Health visitors, mid wives, the police, the probation services, and social services.

The course explores the religion, beliefs, customs and culture of the Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Bangladesh communities.

This course is run on request only.

Intensive Course in Basic Counselling Skills - ONE WEEK
A course in the skills of counselling individuals regarding marital and family problems. Course members will be taught the theory which underpins the counselling techniques. This course is for Asian professionals who need to advance their skills in counselling and working with Asian clients.

The syllabus covers the psychology of relationships within Asian families and marriages, and the effect of early experiences on later life. Cultural differences will also be explored. Throughout the course,trainees will be encouraged to become aware of themselves, their values, difficulties etc. to enable them to increase the effectiveness of their intervention into the lives of their clients. Emphasis is placed on applying the learning to the problems and situations which the trainee will encounter.

Follow Up Counselling Skills Course - THREE DAYS
Two 3 day follow up courses will build on the learning from the first course. Members will learn more advanced skills of intervention. The theoretical framework covered in the earlier course will be developed. Trainees will be encouraged to develop ideas and techniques, which suit the settings in which they work.

For further information and bookings, please call 020 8571 3933 or 020 8813 9714

The courses are run by trained counsellors.

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